Frusher Internal Medicine

Introducing the state of the art Neuro Diagnostic exam!

What is the test?

​The BIAT (“Brain interface Assessment and Treatment") test battery was
formulated by a team of physicians, neuropsychologists, and neuroscientists to
quickly assess specific body systems responsible for a wide range of essential
functions that are impaired through the natural aging process, exposure to stress,
brain injuries such as concussion or other known neurologic disorders.

What can it test for?

The BIAT battery offers a unique combination of measures that provide a comprehensive
perspective of a person's overall health and functioning. It is an effective tool for people who currently suffer from noticeable symptoms [e.g., memory problems, attention difficulties, brain fog, anxiety, sleep dysfunction, cognitive defects, etc.)

What can it help prevent?

Additionally, it is equally effective in monitoring the health of people who are currently symptom-free as an "early detection system" for age related disease (i.e., Alzheimer's, Lewy Body Dementia), accumulated stress that can spiral into a chronic disease state, or sport related pre-season or concussion baselines. With the most recent research demonstrating that
"efforts to prevent dementia may need to start in adults as young as 45", and the
understood importance of concussion baseline testing, the routine use of the BIAT is
becoming an integral part of primary care.

Who will benefit from this test? 

Not only is it important to screen adults and elderly individuals, it is equally as pertinent to screen young adults. The BlAT paradigm can detect physiological abnormalities associated with ADHD/ADD, depression, anxiety, chronic stress, overtraining syndrome, concussion, fatigue, and other conditions that may also affect younger individuals. Consequently, the BIAT is being ubiquitously integrated into healthcare as a comprehensive screening tool for all patients at various stages of life.