Frusher Internal Medicine

Primary Care Physician

Establish care and be seen regularly for your medical needs. As your primary care we are able to provide diagnoses for issues or concerns you may have, and are also able to give you referrals to trusted specialists and physicians to care for your more extensive needs. Allow us to provide service for any medical needs from the common cold to more prominent issues.

Neuro Diagnostic Testing

The BIAT (“Brain interface Assessment and Treatment") test battery was
formulated by a team of physicians, neuropsychologists, and neuroscientists to
quickly assess specific body systems responsible for a wide range of essential
functions that are impaired through the natural aging process, exposure to stress,
brain injuries such as concussion or other known neurologic disorders. ​

Full Body Bio-Impedance Analysis

Segmental measurement of water weight, fat, bone and muscle mass. Used in weight loss as a baseline and repeated to follow progress in weight loss programs.

Sudo Scan

Detects small nerve damage that is most common in diabetes, chemotherapy, and trauma.Useful in diagnosing of carpal tunnel syndrome and peripheral neuropathy.

Multi Segmental Ankle-Brachial Index 

Compares blood pressures in the arm and three segments of the legs. Used in conjunction with a pulse wave form, it is useful in detecting blocked arteries in both the pelvis and legs.

Additional Services:
Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Weight Loss Program

Wellness Blood Panel

(Multiple panels available, ask for specifics that apply to your healthcare needs.)